You can be a Caregiver and an Owner

Learn how you can work as a caregiver and become an owner, too. We're a cooperative home care company led by caregivers who are driving our company forward.

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I love working for this company. Very flexible for hours and if I need time off, they are very accommodating. Love helping the clients!!
Pam Lilach
Pam Lilach
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Cooperative care is a great Co-op. I have worked for them for almost 6 years. The office staff do a great job with your schedule, and any questions or problems you may have. And the clients are so important, each and every one of them are Special and Important in their own way.
Sharon Becker
Sharon Becker
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Taking a job with Cooperative Care is the best decision I've made. The girls in the office are excellent at communicating. Everyone I have met has been really nice. Excellent company!
Sarah Colby
Sarah Colby

the Caregiver-Owner Life

Experience the rewards of helping build something that you care about, with a team that delivers exceptional care to the families you serve.

home Get training that builds your skills and opens new doors.
status-up Start working on your career path,
not just your next shift.
medal-star Participate in company decision-making that shapes jobs and services.
briefcase Explore administrative and leadership roles in the company.


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It's Time to Launch Your Career!

Start a future that you're excited about by building new skills,
delivering care with excellence, and benefiting from new
opportunities and rewards.

caregiver-owner getting training

Develop Your Skills

Take the next steps to improve your skills, access new opportunities, or get training to help lead the company.

in home caregiver helping client

Care with Excellence

Share your experience to help shape the way our company takes care of both clients and employees.

caregiver learning about ways to make more money

Competitive Wages, Plus

You'll earn competitive wages plus a share of the profits in a team that considers your needs.

Three Easy Steps

Getting started is easy with three simple steps.

Access Training

Access advanced skills training and guaranteed work.

Contribute Meaningfully

Contribute to a team of caregivers and take the opportunity to become an owner.

Share in Profits

Explore caregiving jobs that fit your lifestyle while you bank profit-sharing.

Join us in delivering value, showing respect, and building a future for every caregiver.

Marichu Buenaventura
Marichu Buenaventura, Caregiver-Owner
Photograph by Rachael Porter

Start Now

If you're ready to discover a new career path in home care, schedule a time to talk with us about your options and what we can offer. We'll discuss:

  • How you benefit from a caregiver-ownership
  • How we work together to support health and safety
  • Our experience in developing amazing caregivers

We have positions open today! Talk with someone now.


Let's get started.